AK47 Extended Charging Handle Cover

$45.00 - $60.00

This stainless steel handle attaches to your rifle's original charging handle with included set screws. The knurled texture makes charging your rifle a breeze and the cover is available in several finishes and we also offer custom engraving.

Due to the variances between AK rifle manufacturers, some fitting may be required. We have tested compatibility with the following platforms:
-Arsenal SLR104FR and SLR107FR
-Saiga AK100 series (223 Sporter)
-FIME Vepr AK74
-Zastava Yugo (M77)
1 - 1/16" / 27mm in length

Engraving: we offer custom and standard engravings via our fiber optic laser. The price includes any graphics work required. Please purchase and email us your artwork at [email protected]. Basic sketches are not a problem.

Weight: 1.34 oz
Material: 303 stainless steel
Finish: PVD black, Black Wrinkle Powder Coat
Hardware: 3x grub screws

Will NOT fit KP9